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🌸 Reading Of The Day 🌼

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

We experience the full gamut of emotions as the instinctual Moon travels through Capricorn, forming conjunctions with jubilant Jupiter, revolutionary Pluto, and stern Saturn over the course of the day. We will feel incredibly powerful today and this surge of confidence can either help us realize our aims or delude us into downfall, depending on how well we handle the opportunity. Whether we are right or wrong, happy or angry, we are likely to have very intense feelings and will want to convince (or force) others into feeling as we do.

Today you get to experience the rewards of the many challenges you have weathered. Even as life has likely been more uncertain than ever over recent months and years, you now have a sense of stability and sturdiness that doesn’t come from any material circumstance as much as it does from solidly knowing who you really are. Today, you have an easier time acting instinctively from that most authentic place, which could pay off in the form of a material foundation that truly supports your well-being.


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