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😇 Reading Of The Day 🤩

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

Today our thoughts turn to difficult and heavy matters which require careful, disciplined thinking. As mental Mercury squares responsible Saturn, our standards are high, our critical faculties are sharp, and we are preoccupied with creating real-world solutions to problems. We are a bit more prone to doubt and pessimism today, if only because we are in a "less talk, more action" mood. As the emotional Moon enters Capricorn this evening, this need for realism is further enhanced.

You are able to look upon yourself with greater objectivity, reason, and detachment than usual today, and your style of communication reveals your essential nature. You are coming off as particularly authentic in the way you verbalize your ideas, showing that you have real ownership of your views and opinions. If you feel glum or depressed -- especially if a bluntly disappointing emotional reality is darkening your view -- use it as inspiration for creating new guidelines for structuring your life.


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