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🌸 Reading Of The Day 😎

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

Today our minds will be buzzing in overdrive as excitable Uranus squares mental Mercury. This aspect stimulates a great deal of activity in our ideas, thoughts, and associative faculties, awakening us to ingenious solutions for complex problems. Just as there will be increased activity in the wiring of our neural circuitry, our appliances may be overstimulated as well! Watch out for things -- and people -- going on the fritz. Thankfully, the Moon's sextile to solid Saturn helps us keep our feet on the ground.

As outdated versions of you pass away, you are becoming receptive to information that you wouldn’t have perceived before. Today, you may be able to put these new perceptions into words for the first time. We see in the world that which we inwardly are, attracting people, situations, and emotional experiences that reinforce what we believe to be true. Recent radical shifts in your own self-conception might’ve been painful, but you may now recognize ways in which you were liberated from narrow-mindedness, limitation, and tunnel vision.



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