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💓 Reading Of The Day ❤️

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

We may be inclined toward a somewhat glum or melancholy view of ourselves and life at large due to the gentle Moon's harsh square to stern Saturn. Things probably appear bleaker than they really are, especially since we may have a hard time connecting to others and feeling loved. Later in the morning, the Moon crosses paths with aggressive Mars, adding an element of irritability to the mix. Arguments and discord may arise, although they will be brief and fleeting. All things must pass.

You may have an unusually hard time making agreements today, likely because one or more of the parties involved isn’t genuinely interested in making one. You, yourself, may feel somewhat argumentative or rebellious, and this may be compounded by a sense of feeling remote or detached from everyone around. Use the tense and somewhat serious mood to unearth legitimate, long-term concerns. Today may not be the day for finalizing agreements, but at least let all voices be heard.


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