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👑 Reading Of The Day 😍

Reading Of The Day🃏

We are reaching for the new and different today as the influential Moon trines eccentric Uranus, causing us to make unusual choices and react in extreme ways. Cravings for emotional excitement may compel us to seek the company of people we do not ordinarily associate with, and the day may very well bring a surprise or two, for better or worse. Likely for the better, as things wind down with a harmonious trine between the Moon and optimistic Jupiter, infusing our social interactions with warmth and affection.

Earthquake-like shocks of upheaval and change have driven you into a quiet, contemplative state today. You may be feeling withdrawn or laconic, preferring to turn your attention toward meditation, prayer, or other spiritual pursuits. Your life is paradoxical right now, for at the same time that so much has felt completely unstable, volatile, and chaotic, something about it also feels profoundly fateful, purposeful, and planned. Time alone will help you feel into the hidden cosmic intentions behind seemingly random events.


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