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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

We are feeling a strong craving for excitement today as the emotional Moon creates a tense square with jumpy Uranus. We may react in a highly unusual or extreme manner, behaving in ways we would not ordinarily when we are in a calmer state -- this may lead to either good or bad results. Today's actions are not likely to be a flash in the pan, as the energizing Sun's trine to powerful Pluto lends a level of intensity and permanence to the day's undertakings.

Sudden, drastic changes may threaten your sense of security about your future today. Now, you must determine whether your hopes and wishes have been a true expression of your individuality or if unconscious emotional patterns and the inclination to "play it safe" have been driving the course of your life. If a person or situation that guaranteed a certain level of emotional security is suddenly eliminated or complicated, you'll need to question whether your relationships are founded upon real affection and common interest or born out of fear of being alone.



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