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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

The winning combination of practical realism and buoyant optimism that comes from today's trine between the Sun and happy Jupiter blesses all financial and material endeavors. We now have the confidence, inspiration, and exuberance to shoot for the stars, along with the sturdiness and scrupulousness that keep our feet on the ground. However, later today, driven Mars turns retrograde, introverting our go-getter energy until mid-November. Under this influence, we may feel somewhat less assertive, but we enjoy increased stamina, staying power, and tenacity.

Your time is spent well in solitude today and, thankfully, you are likely happy with the deep sense of sanctuary and stability your home provides. If you can quiet your mind in some kind of meditative practice, you will receive intuitions and illumination from the oldest parts of yourself, cluing you in to the state of your health and well-being. Unplug from devices and spend time in nature, rooting your bare feet in the earth and reconnecting with the truth of who you are.



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