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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

We become more creative, flamboyant, effusive, and magnetic once Venus enters Leo. Today we experience the feeling of bursting out into the sunlight and spreading our wings after a long period of cocooning; our social connections and self-expression become more extraverted and demonstrative now. We may feel more drawn to bright colors, upbeat music, and celebratory atmospheres. Meanwhile, the Moon enters beautiful Taurus, adding an earthy and sensual overtone to our demeanor. It's a wonderful day for making a statement, connecting with loved ones, and enjoying arts or music.

Friends are a great source of fun and excitement and you may make some new connections within a political, spiritual, or community-based group you belong to. Starting today, you will find some creative ways to connect with others and mingle in groups or at parties...however socially distanced you may have to be! Your companions may also support you in an artistic, aesthetic, or beauty-related endeavor, or you could help a team of friends or associates attain a beautiful ideal.



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