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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

Longing to socialize can make everyone feel anxious and irritable today. The Full Moon rises in group-oriented Aquarius, possibly tempting us to rebel against social distancing protocols. While we look forward to the warm embrace of our tribe, getting together for a video happy hour or catching up on a group text can help us stay connected. As evening approaches, an opposition between analytical Mercury and forbidding Saturn could cause us to question the powers that be. Rather than feeling oppressed, we would be wise to be proactive and put our own efforts toward the greater good.

It's imperative you treat yourself with the love you deserve. You’re a born romantic who yearns to be cherished and adored. The best way to accomplish this is by replacing all criticism with praise. Instead of obsessing over perceived flaws, you should embrace your strengths. Give yourself rewards every time you make a tiny bit of progress and cheer yourself on when you fall short of your goals. By putting yourself on a pedestal, others will follow suit. There’s nothing egotistical about this; it’s just common sense to treat yourself with care and respect.



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