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💋 Reading Of The Day 💕

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

Real life feels overrated today and we may wish for a sweet escape. The genteel Libra Moon’s early trine to glamorous Venus sets the tone for a gracious day. However, Luna goes on to square excessive Jupiter, oppressive Pluto, and strict Saturn in quick succession. If we’re not careful, confrontations could undermine our contentment. Instead of jumping when an authority figure snaps their fingers, it’s better to slip on headphones and turn up the volume on a glorious symphony. It's likely the tasks we perform now will have to be scrapped anyway, so we might as well enjoy ourselves.

Family obligations have been occupying more of your time recently; take some time to attend to your own needs today. Someone with your sharp intellect needs activities that exercise your brain and challenge your assumptions, so explore a new subject that piques your interest. It is possible that your loved ones will resent your taking time to yourself. Let this bitterness roll off your back; personal fulfillment should always be one of your top priorities. You can’t be helpful to others if you’re emotionally depleted. Today's mission is to find balance.




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