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👠 Reading Of The Day ⭐️

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

The day starts on a pleasant note with the gracious Libra Moon making a trine to elegant Venus; it’s a great time to indulge our love of beauty. Listening to gorgeous music, savoring delicious meals, and experimenting with vibrant colors can bring great joy. A supportive sextile between pioneering Mars and hard-working Saturn will inspire ambitious projects. Don’t let fear get in the way of progress; the best breakthroughs begin with a single act of courage. Luna’s square to anxious Mercury can cause momentary hesitation, but bravery will win the day.

Expressing your affinity for art and beauty will feel liberating today. Especially while the Moon is touring your 1st House of Vitality, the prospect of putting your talents on display is stimulating. Approach a manager or agent about representing your work. While they wheel and deal on your behalf, you can focus on creation. You aren't looking for a friend here, so don't be put off if this person is especially assertive. They’ll drive hard bargains on your behalf, which is just what you need. Play to each of your strengths.




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