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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

Trust intuition over logic every time today. The psychic Pisces Moon makes supportive sextiles to both Pluto and Jupiter, giving extra power to our sixth sense. Mars' conjunction with subconscious Neptune then urges us to take action on our hunches. We may also be more inclined to put our energy toward helping others. As evening approaches, Luna moves into outgoing Aries and forms a supportive angle to responsible Saturn. Turning fantasy into reality can be deeply fulfilling. We could fit together the first two pieces of a puzzle today.

Building a life of harmony and pleasure is your priority, and an important part of this is finding a job that feels more like play than work. Though loved ones may be concerned about your ability to make money in the arts, they don't have your vision or your talents. Getting paid to create things of beauty will make you eager to begin work each day. If you’re already happy with the way you're making money, channel your energy into a fitness regimen today. Paying extra attention to your well-being will make you more productive.




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