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🥳 Reading Of The Day 👊🏻

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

A surge of energy helps us finish outstanding projects this morning. The industrious Virgo Moon trines both focused Pluto and cheerful Jupiter, making it easy to zip through tasks. Then, late morning, Luna moves into balanced Libra, allowing us to take the foot off the gas pedal and coast. Touching base with colleagues, friends, and neighbors -- even if it’s only via telephone or social media -- can be reassuring. The Moon’s supportive angle to accomplished Saturn and tense aspect to detailed Mercury suggests it’s better to focus on the forest instead of the trees.

Don't let memories of the past steal your joy in the present moment. It may be time to come to terms with an experience that has caused you long-term pain. Dwelling on it is a waste of your valuable time and energy, so put your efforts toward pursuing your heart’s desire today. Pouring yourself into a labor of love will put things into perspective and make you realize the importance of cultivating happiness. Peace glows from the inside out, so don’t be surprised when others start flocking toward you thanks to your new, optimistic outlook.




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