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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣⁣

Working behind the scenes could be unexpectedly pleasurable as productive Mars makes a supportive sextile to surprising Uranus. It's best to fly under the radar if we're immersed in creative work, so we can avoid any well-meaning critics who might put a damper on our enthusiasm. The Moon is moving through sensitive Cancer, making us especially vulnerable to perceived slights. Instead of trying to please others, though, it would be better to satisfy ourselves. Luna is in good aspect to both Uranus and Mars, making it a great time to defy limitations and expectations.

Today may feel like an extremely busy day and tackling a demanding job will require lots of energy. Stick to a lean and sensible diet that will make you feel light and productive instead of weighed down. If you stay focused on work, you could get some surprise funding from an unlikely source. Money or other resources from some kind of institution could help you acquire technological equipment that makes your job much easier. The more time you save on work, the more you'll have for leisurely pursuits.



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