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Life’s frenetic pace starts to slow as evening approaches. A sweet conjunction between the tender Moon and harmonious Venus occurs, inviting us to put work on the back burner and have some fun. A late-night chat with a loved one may make us feel years younger. Instead of sticking to a sensible schedule, we’re happy to burn the midnight oil by listening to music or binging on comfort food. Don’t worry about the consequences. There will be plenty of time to behave like adults tomorrow; it’s time to channel our inner teenagers.

Devoting more time to spiritual pursuits may be critical to your personal growth today. You have the kind of mind that can see there is more to life than money and relationships. Connecting with the divine could cultivate a kind of contentment you never dreamed was possible. Don’t worry what others will think if you explore a philosophy that is different than the one with which you were raised. Pleasing yourself is your only job. The sooner you put happiness at the top of your agenda, the easier it will be to live your best life.




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