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We’re invited to reassess our responsibilities when dutiful Saturn goes retrograde. We all must give careful thought to what kinds of work we are willing to do, whether it means paying jobs, family responsibilities, or social obligations. An irritable square between anxious Mercury and pushy Mars warns against assuming burdens out of guilt. Trying to win favor with the public by playing the martyr simply won’t work. This evening, Mercury will ease into its home sign of versatile Gemini, allowing us to see possibilities where we once only perceived brick walls.

Your idea of what's fun will undergo a big transformation starting today. That’s because Saturn, the planet of authority, is moving retrograde through your 5th House of Leisure. Being the best at what you've already mastered may no longer captivate you, and it will become more of a priority to delve into unknown territory. Give yourself permission to be a beginner at something you've always wanted to try. You’ll make mistakes, but there’s no need to be embarrassed. The important thing is to have a good time while you expand your horizons.



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