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🌹 Reading Of The Day 🤩

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

The Moon’s entry into upbeat Sagittarius today could come as a welcome relief to everyone feeling the effects of claustrophobia. Even if it’s not possible to go out and have fun, we can still armchair travel. Watching movies and reading books set in exotic locales may feel like a breath of fresh air. Music with a distinctly foreign flavor also can transport us to faraway lands.

Adopting a mature approach about rules and regulations takes the sting out of the limitations that have been imposed on us now.

Someone with your intellect is always looking for new subjects to study and explore. While you can’t take any formal classes, it is possible to use online resources to study on your own. Give yourself permission to make mistakes with this new undertaking. The more encouraging you are toward yourself, the more likely you will gain mastery of this topic, skill, or process. You may want to pattern your behavior after someone you’ve always admired who always gets back up after they've gotten knocked down. The lessons they've learned could help illuminate your path forward.




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