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😘 Reading Of The Day 💋

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣⁣

It’s easy to let our enthusiasm run away with us now that the emotive Moon is touring upbeat Sagittarius. A square between Luna and deceptive Neptune, sets the tone for the entire day, tempting us to escape to fantasy land. Beware of this tendency, especially if you have an important decision to make. Relying solely on our emotions won’t make the grade. Fortunately, the Moon will make its entry into pragmatic Capricorn later tonight. At that time, we'll be blessed to see this situation through a more realistic lens.

Overindulging in decadent pleasures could be cause for regret now. Instead, exercise restraint and treat your body like a temple. If you need a distraction, look for ways to help those in your area. Perhaps an elderly neighbor needs someone to get groceries for them or someone down the block has run out of supplies you have plenty of. Helping others could set the tone for warm relationships. Other might advise you to keep your distance; use discretion and safety. Having friends who live nearby could have unexpected benefits down the line.




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