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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

Our ability to tackle our to-do items may be compromised today, with unexpected twists and turns in our schedules. The list-loving Virgo Moon starts the day in a trine to unpredictable Uranus, and flavors our day with new opportunities and plenty of distractions. This energy could serve as a motivating push to think outside the box and solve problems in new ways. We can move past roadblocks or even clear out emotional baggage from our closets, but we must be open to change. By keeping an open mind, our day will be full of delightful surprises instead of annoying delays.

You may be presented with an unexpected resource of some kind today, either from the physical or spiritual realm. Whether you find money on the street or you’re given a symbolic message from a loved one who has passed, you are reminded you’re connected to the flow of the universe and all its gifts. Tokens like this can hold rich potential, even if they're just felt internally. If you’re unsure of which blessings are finding their way to you, spend time in quiet solitude. It's only then that you can tune into the subtle clues coming from the cosmos.


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