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The potency of a fresh start is at hand with the New Moon in the pioneering sign of Aries. It will feel as if a fire is lit underneath us, just when we all could use some hope and rejuvenation. The plot thickens when the Moon joins up with the healing might of Chiron; as a result, we may be inspired to use our personal power for the greater good. Whether our ventures take two weeks, six months, or longer to come to fruition, starting them off today is the right move.

Owning what you bring to the table in your relationships and setting metaphorical boundaries makes for healthier bond. With a New Moon triggering your closest bonds, this is an ideal time to get clear on what you really want from others. You may wish to connect with people who are assertive, decisive, and spontaneous now. Make note of whether you would ascribe these qualities to yourself. If you can't, figure out a way to embrace these traits in your own life. After all, you must be what you want to attract.




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