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Complex cosmic movement stirs profound changes. We begin anew as the Sun marches into Aries at 5:58 pm EDT, marking the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. Our energy surges again when the Moon shifts into strategic Libra at 9:27 pm, followed by the socially stressful Full Moon at 9:42 pm. There is nothing casual about our feelings during a powerful Mars-Pluto trine. Serious thoughts prevail while mental Mercury sextiles sobering Saturn.

The name of the game today is restoring balance – which just so happens to be your specialty. The Full Moon brightens your sign and your 1st House of Personality, motivating you to reestablish the delicate equilibrium between your internal and external self. You might feel a sense of frustration because a lack of time has prevented you from taking care of your own needs. Fortunately, the universe is clearing your schedule today, so stop making excuses and get to work. Give yourself the love you so easily extend to others.


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