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🤩 Reading Of The Day 😇

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣⁣

We could find delight in even the most mundane of tasks thanks to the Moon's traverse through industrious Capricorn today. But we won't be strictly business when Luna trines Venus in lavish Taurus. At this time, we may feel an almost gravitational pull to revel in life's simple sensual pleasures. We're being given the cosmic green light to indulge in a small but luxurious item that catches our eye. Later tonight, a sweet sextile between the Moon and whimsical Neptune reminds us that while life's practicalities have importance, so do our dreams.

The winds of support could be blowing your way now. You may receive assistance through personal energy, time, or some other kind of generosity from a family member. Alternatively, you may be the benevolent one doing the offering. With the Moon forming an easy sextile to idealist Neptune in your 6th House of Rituals and Health today, similar themes could show up around topics of your habits and well-being. Whatever way the generosity flows, consider the investment to be mutually beneficial. This is how bridges are built.




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