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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

It’s a busy day in the cosmos, starting with the Moon in sensual Taurus uniting with unpredictable Uranus. We should expect the unexpected, because being receptive to change can multiply our good fortune. While the Moon also makes energetic contacts with ambitious Mars and the expressive Sun, the real action begins this evening. Pleasure-seeking Venus forms a tense square with obsessive Pluto tonight, causing a lack of consideration for others. Fortunately, compromise becomes possible when sensible Mercury makes a sextile to mastermind Uranus, paving the way to deals that work well for everyone.

Psychic impressions come on strong today as your intuition is strengthened. You have a sensitivity to others' needs that can benefit both your profession and your romantic relationships. You and a partner will connect instinctively, helping you produce something together that is both cohesive and meaningful. This evening, a bit of nostalgia could trigger painful memories from your past. Lean on a loved one to help you work through these feelings. Thanks to their compassionate insight, you could finally reach forgiveness and liberate yourself once and for all.


~ Tarot.com.⁣

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