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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

A charming afternoon infuses us with hope and optimism, beginning with a romantic Moon-Neptune conjunction which inspires absent-minded reverie and idealism. An enjoyable lunar sextile with warm-hearted Jupiter soon follows, coaxing us to seek truth, meaning, and enlightenment. Expanding our knowledge can pay off handsomely, so it’s a great time to acquire practical skills. Later, the vital Sun is sextile bold Mars, stoking our spirits and driving us to tackle our personal goals. We believe fiercely in our calling today and courageously seek to lead others from this place of faith.

You may be so enamored with a project you're working on or being of service to the public that you’ll neglect your physical needs today. The potential to get caught up in self-sacrifice is all too easy now, and if you're not careful, could lead to exhaustion. Make sure to stop what you’re doing to enjoy a proper meal or take a breather -- it’s impossible to operate effectively when you're running on empty. By treating yourself well and respecting your body’s signals, you’ll avoid burnout. Setting limits and sticking to them is a form of self-care.



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