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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

A quirky New Moon arrives in dreamy Pisces, joining magically-minded Mercury. This fresh cycle invokes our creativity, spirituality, and intuition. Later, the sensitive Moon makes two energizing sextiles to idealistic Uranus and feisty Mars, catalyzing our urge to work hard and think outside the box. We must beware of overestimating our own importance, though, since a tense square between vain Venus and excessive Jupiter fuels our egos. Instead of taking all the credit ourselves, we should share the glory with the team. Appreciation paves the way to future cooperation.

This is a wonderful time to refresh your daily habits and rededicate yourself to achieving wellness now that the New Moon is occurring in your 6th House of Work and Health. Mercury Retrograde is conjunct this Moon, prompting you to define your well-being in a different way. By making it your mission to be happy regardless of your circumstances, your system will grow stronger and your vitality will increase. Still, your resolve to be content will be put to the test when a strained square occurs between passive Venus and entitled Jupiter today. Avoid taking your love interest for granted.



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