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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

This Valentine’s Day we are awash in the Water element, putting a spotlight on emotions and relationships. With the sensitive Moon forming a beneficial trine to cerebral Mercury, our hearts and minds work in perfect harmony. Nothing is ever simple when the Moon tours enigmatic Scorpio, however. It helps to dig beneath the surface of powerful feelings and impulses now. Discovering the source of love and hate allows compassion to flow. This evening brings opportunities for personal growth and financial increase, uplifting our spirits and giving us hope.

You may be feeling rebellious toward former agreements and structures that have existed for a long time. Today, you are determined to break free of these limitations. Separating joint property and resources requires delicacy and tact. While you want to hold on to what is rightfully yours, you have no intention of robbing a business or romantic partner of their share of the pie. After all, you baked this delicacy together. With your mind on practical matters right now, you are likely to be extremely productive, zipping through your to-do list with admirable efficiency.



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