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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

Powerful emotions simmer, giving today a strange intensity. Our feelings are heightened and yet reserved at the same time. We are wise to find a private outlet for this building energy, like getting exercise, writing in a journal, or playing music. Repressing our feelings could result in an explosive outburst, especially when the multitasking Virgo Moon forms an irritable square with antagonistic Mars this afternoon. If we’re not careful, we could lash out at a loved one, only to regret it once the sensitive Moon enters diplomatic Libra.

Reflecting on the past can shed light on an inner process of personal growth. You have a heightened awareness lately about the impact of your home and family on your current life. Casual conversations about your past could strike a nerve today, triggering arguments, especially if you don't consider the full effect of your words beforehand. When the Moon enters your sign this evening, everyone will become more cooperative and amiable. A friend may even recommend a movie, book, or album, and you'd be wise to take their recommendation; this work will inspire you to make your own art.


~ Tarot.com.

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