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🤩 Reading Of The Day 😇

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

The Moon in desirous Cancer is urging us to manifest our heartfelt dreams. With this lunation making a sweet trine to whimsical Neptune today, we're being given a cosmic opportunity to use our emotional guidance systems to discover the path of our greatest joy. Since we are so strongly attuned to emotions now, it’s an excellent time for public relations. Satisfying people’s needs for comfort, community, and closeness could be fulfilling. If the thought of work is repellent, though, we can treat ourselves and others to rich foods and other decadent treats. Feeling good should trump all other concerns. Each of us should find our own bliss, whether it involves service to others or ourselves.

With the Scales as your symbol, it is always about striking balance in your life. Today that midway point is hovering between your career and home. You receive some assurance that you’re making smart decisions about professional goals and long-term plans. Nonetheless, you could still feel a deep yearning for the comforts of your abode. The evening hours provide a reprieve from the demands of keeping up social graces. Feast your soul on a good page-turner and get lost in a celebration of some time alone. Solitude is bliss.




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