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😎 Reading Of The Day 😇

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

Our perceptions are sharper today and our perspectives shift as we see reality through a wide-angle lens. The Sun enters futuristic Aquarius, enabling us to extend our thoughts into the distance. But we are not pie-in-the-sky visionaries now that Venus creates stressful aspects with potent Pluto and serious Saturn. Our feet are on the ground and we’re committed to make the changes necessary to bring ourselves into alignment with our larger purpose.

Your ability to play nicely with others works in your favor today. Someone’s venting grates on your nerves and you may wish they would simply stop talking. You might be annoyed now, but realize that staying patient can yield positive results. Maintain a calm composure until you have a chance to share your thoughts in an appropriate manner. But after you clear the air, some of the charged energy can be cleverly guided into collaborative and creative problem-solving that helps you both achieve your goals. However, you will never reach that brilliant moment if your vision of harmony is one-sided. Ask if the other person wants to tango before you start dancing.


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