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❤️ Reading Of The Day 💜

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

It may seem as if we are slowly waking from a dream. The clear, cool logic of the Virgo Moon enables us to gain fresh perspectives on recent events. But we are not immune from negative emotions -- ours or someone else’s -- as we grapple with the current state of our personal or cultural affairs. The conflict between angry Mars and dark Pluto can be temporarily overwhelming, but easy lunar trines end the day on a realistically upbeat note.

Your attitude is everything when the curtain goes up and your talent is on display for all to see. There’s no time to surrender to any apprehensions running through your head now. The truth is even the most seasoned performers get nervous before they begin -- and with good reason. Experiencing butterflies is a natural response to the emotional rush of a fight-or-flight reaction. It’s the discipline and training of a professional’s mind that pushes you in front of an audience. Your jitters are a physical reminder telling you to show off your skills and shine. Proper preparation prevents poor performance. Your star is on the rise.


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