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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

The Cancer Full Moon Eclipse, signals a major shift in the cosmic weather pattern. Although a Sun-Mercury conjunction in practical Capricorn stabilizes our thinking, their opposition to the moody Cancer Moon coaxes us back into our bodies and reminds us we can trust our feelings. But this stand-off between the head and the heart stirs anger if we believe we’re struggling too much. Wisely choosing what to let go allows us to move on.

Your heart might be aflutter if you find yourself standing in the limelight today, either professionally or personally. But there’s little need for panic since your prospects are bright as the Cancer Full Moon Eclipse shines in your 10th House of Public Reputation. Nevertheless, telling your nerves to settle down is easier said than done. Do whatever is necessary to make yourself more comfortable in your own skin. Also, trust that your success is not an anomaly. Taking responsibility for your own actions earns your self-respect. Proudly claim your space and own your power.


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