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🤩 Reading Of The Day 🥳

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣⁣

Although it’s time to get serious about the future, a larger-than-life Mercury-Jupiter conjunction brings unrestrained thinking. This planetary meetup occurs in ambitious Capricorn, encouraging us to make concrete business plans. Paradoxically, we may feel as if time is running out, even though an entire year stretches out in front of us. We might be emotionally on edge as the headstrong Aries Moon squares the cautious Capricorn conglomeration.

Time your meetings and create a strategic game plan for what you hope to achieve during them today. There’s no need to keep close tabs on casual or personal conversations once your schedule is clear. But if your day is jam-packed, keep an eye on the clock since the hours could slip by quickly while talkative Mercury hangs out with exaggerating Jupiter. Keep your notes handy since you or others can quickly veer off task and become overwhelmed by an array of useless details. Avoid unnecessary clutter by making your points simple and clear. A tight ship reaches its destination on time.


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