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🥰 Reading Of The Day 🤩

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

We may grow nostalgic when the Moon shifts into sensitive Pisces. Floods of memories elicit strong emotional reactions as we look back over the previous year. But once we take the time to reminisce, an electric trine between cerebral Mercury and ingenious Uranus thrusts our thoughts into the future. Our anticipation of the decade ahead is both daunting and exciting. The sooner we learn to ride the unpredictable waves, the better.

Everything may appear simple on the surface, but conflicting agendas add complexity to your day. Although you might be unable to resolve the differences through direct action, a sudden breakthrough strikes when you least expect it. Ironically, these enlightening moments are opportunities for your own imagination to flourish. Your creative inspirations could be just the answers everyone needs to move forward in harmony. It’s in the midst of apparent chaos that the new order appears.


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