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We are riding a familiar wave of inflated words as loquacious Mercury forms a dynamic square to bombastic Jupiter. It feels as if everything we say turns into a bigger deal than we wish, but there’s no simple way to take back our words once they are spoken. Thankfully, the reflective Cancer Moon encourages contemplation. We can avoid the pitfalls of unrestrained grandiosity if we consider the possible consequences of talking before we think.

You’re busy restoring peace in your kingdom after dealing with a domestic dispute for far too long. The truth is it wasn’t an easy process, and there were times when you were pretty sure resolution might not happen. Thankfully, you notice several signs of teamwork within the ranks today. You still must keep an eye on things for a while longer, but it seems the worst of the tension is finally over. Take a deep breath and enjoy the tranquility while it lasts. Spiritual leader Shri Radhe Maa said, “To live in a peaceful home is to experience paradise on earth.”


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