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🥳 Reading Of The Day 😇

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

It’s as if we are plucked out of our current existence and suddenly dropped into another space-time continuum. The Moon enters progressive Aquarius, giving us new perspectives on current situations. But this juxtaposition of realities may be disquieting while Luna forms a stressful square with futuristic Uranus. Thankfully, our senses are grounded and the energy settles once Mercury slips into practical Capricorn later in the evening.

You might be looking to make some mischief and let off a little steam today. However, you may believe you will have more fun in a crowd than on your own. You want to be surprised by your friends while the sociable Aquarius Moon crosses paths with unpredictable Uranus. But you must be careful what you wish for since you can’t necessarily control all the logistics when others are along for the ride. You must be equally committed to being flexible so you don’t become annoyed when things seem to go awry. Charles Darwin wrote, “It’s not the strongest, but the most adaptable that survive.”


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