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🤎 Reading Of The Day 🧡

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

We’re ready to make a commitment but might not be clear about what we’re willing to promise. In love, the Venus-Pluto conjunction encourages us to play for keeps. Although the energy is anything but casual, a smooth trine between assertive Mars and spiritual Neptune lifts our intentions from the personal into the cosmic realms. We can’t escape from our maze of facts, but the emotional Cancer Moon emphasizes our feelings and imagination over reality.

Accolades are surprisingly easy to accumulate today. Your powerful charisma produces unrealistic expectations as others ask you to make decisions for them. This is not an ideal position to be in, but it might work to your advantage if you think quickly on your feet. If you can answer a question with another question, life goes into a mutually beneficial direction now. The trick is to realize when you’re assuming the therapist’s role. Pause, rewind, and play back certain requests. Your words are magically musical when they come from the heart.


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