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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

Life should simplify as the Moon enters sensible Taurus. However, an overdue reality check may be elusive while the radiant Sun forms a dynamic square with surreal Neptune. A lovely Venus-Neptune connection all but ensures our dreams will be so attractive that we might be willing to set the facts aside. We are hopeful about the future, yet it’s crucial not to assume that everything will unfold according to our unrestrained fantasies.

Deep conversation can be as dense as a forest. Although there is much food for thought, the emotional intensity makes it nearly impossible to guess what’s coming next. Nevertheless, you can successfully navigate your way through the maze by paying attention to the subtle differences now. Avoid jumping to a conclusion or assuming you know what’s best -- that’s what others do. Utilize the moment to skillfully balance everyone’s feelings. Asking whether something is true is the path to wisdom. William Blake wrote, “Fools do not see the same tree as the wise.”


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