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🧡 Reading Of The Day 🤎

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣⁣

Promoting our agendas without noting how people react is a waste of energy. Sadly, impulsive actions can create more walls, not less. The key to working with the brash Aries Moon as it squares realistic Saturn and powerful Pluto is to listen. It may be tricky to find the source of external resistance while Mercury forms a fateful connection with karmic Saturn. We increase our chances for success when we overcome our false sense of urgency.

An emotional balancing act is often necessary when dealing with others. Think about how you may allow people to influence your moods throughout the day as you exchange ideas and plans. An easy remedy is to take a brief time out every so often. This temporary break could be as simple as lunching alone or enjoying a quiet hour at home. There’s no harm in asking for a bit of space to settle your thoughts. Prior to making any big decisions, weighing each event without distraction enables you to maintain your current trajectory. Silence is golden.


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