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👑 Reading Of The Day 😘

🃏 Reading Of The Day 🃏

Following our instincts seems like the most natural thing we can do as the sensitive Pisces Sun cooperates with passionate Pluto. Hidden feelings work their way to the surface with great ease. But an overblown Sun-Jupiter square prompts us to morph a trivial emotion into a major issue. Fortunately, the lighthearted Gemini Moon encourages our adaptability, enabling us to smoothly shift our attention from one topic to another without looking back.

Putting an end to domestic power struggles isn’t as tough as you imagine. As a born negotiator, you might feel that it’s your duty to invite all involved parties to come together and work things out. Of course, they don’t call you “the iron fist in the velvet glove” for nothing, so everyone knows attendance is mandatory. The root of the current problem may be as simple as the fair distribution of household responsibilities, which you can easily solve with a little something called a chore wheel. Mark Twain said, “Nothing so needs reforming as other people’s habits.”


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