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😎 Reading Of The Day 😍

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

Taking time to appreciate our blessings is worthwhile, but the hopeful Sagittarius Sun runs into a tense aspect with skeptical Pluto today. The Moon’s shift into no-nonsense Capricorn, intensifies the serious side of the day. But our inner rebels are alive and searching for satisfaction as the Moon amplifies a thrill-seeking Venus-Uranus trine. Our desires won’t be restrained by reality, especially when our fantasies are so vivid.

Home is where your heart is. While it may sound boring, spending some time revitalizing your domicile is very rewarding today. Moving furniture around and cleaning out the dust bunnies from their burrow gives you a healthy sense of accomplishment. Practical steps yield far-reaching benefits. Although your schedule is already tight, you might not feel fully satisfied until you make a dramatic switch, whether that means planning a move across town or just tossing your old couch for a more modern look. Remember that while you cannot change time, you can alter how you view it.


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