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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

Our expansive nature continues to linger throughout much of the day, but flirtatious Venus grows serious once she steps into calculating Capricorn. Instead of seeking pleasure, we may shift our attention to accomplishing major career goals. But an awkward Sun-Uranus misalignment frustrates finding an easy resolution. We can’t seem to find that happy point of perfect balance between nothing and too much while the Moon is visiting extreme Scorpio.

Care with your words is not a result of shyness when your discretion is a devotion towards timing. Deep, quiet thoughts reveal how committed you are to create something of lasting value. Driven by a desire for greater reward, your finesse brings payment in two ways. First, when placed in reserve, some of your plans increase in worth, like a savings account. Second, if silence is golden, then you are worth a million today. Banking your ideas until the right moment demonstrates your wisdom.


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