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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

The emotional stew may boil over once the Moon enters passionate Scorpio. Complexity is in the air because Luna hooks up with feisty Mars while it is stretched in a tense opposition to rebellious Uranus, unleashing potentially chaotic energy. An overindulgent Venus-Jupiter conjunction adds a hefty dose of sweet sensuality to the mix, while a constrictive Sun-Saturn connection reminds us to turn down the heat before it’s too late.

Walk slowly and carry a big wallet today. Push and shove give way to promise and valor. What you value the most is what you strive for and protect. Lifeblood flows with the promise of balance and worth. Dollars are spent on things that are coveted. Try not to equate your identity with money; your character is not solely measured by your production. Yield a staff of power and present yourself as gold.


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