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Although our day may get off to a slow start, the pace quickens as the Moon flies into airy Gemini at 11:47 am EDT. We’re subject to the shifting winds of change, like kites being bounced around on the breezes. We might even be swept up in an unexpected outbreak of anger when interactive Mercury forms a fateful connection with aggressive Mars. Thankfully, we won’t likely linger on negativity because our attention is quickly drawn to something new.

Coworkers who regularly depend on you are back with new requests. The thing is, tending to the needs of others as well as you do often means letting your own take a back seat. However, you can’t get away with this selfless behavior now. Establishing equilibrium in any type of relationship isn’t always easy but if anyone is equipped to handle this task, it’s you. It’s imperative to be kind to yourself, so find a nice way to say no when you reach your limit. Author Jana Kingsford said, “Balance is not something you find. It’s something you create.”


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