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🙌🏼 Reading Of The Day 😇

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

Fantasy and reality are mixed into the cosmic stew in equal measure today. Intellectual Mercury, which turned retrograde on October 31, triggers rational thinking as it now turns direct. Delays that have prompted additional preparation begin to fall away. But muscular Mars may be misdirected by its complex connection with blurry Neptune, making it difficult to get our bearings. Thankfully, the practical Virgo Moon can be a lighthouse in the fog.

A stagnant project may show some signs of fresh life today. It might be a technological modernization or a financial infusion that is behind this surge of energy. You are smart enough to know everything that glitters isn't gold, but you are also intuitive enough to sense that some shiny things are, in fact, valuable. Be prepared for the pace to pick up now, and enjoy the renewed chance to get the show back on the road. The power of hope and the spirit of possibility fuel lively momentum.


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