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🥰 Reading Of The Day 🤩

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

We might grow tired of keeping our feelings private. Although the emotionally self-protective Cancer Moon encourages us to erect walls to avoid conflict, her shift into extroverted Leo, prompts us to take direct action. It might seem as if one brilliant idea is far superior to the others, but we may be in for a surprise if it quickly falls apart. It’s helpful to remember we’re in a redo phase as long as Mercury is still retrograde.

When high ambitions take hold, they do not easily let go today. You might find that following your bliss broadens the scope of a small project into something much larger. Along the lines of setting out to change a few tiles in your bathroom only to wind up installing a new hot tub, instead. It can be exciting to follow through on your passion, and maybe that is just what you need to breathe fresh air into your outlook. Be careful to respect your budget in the process. Set your creativity free and see what happens.


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