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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

We may seek time alone today because we need a measured amount of external quiet to hear our inner voices. We’re particularly sensitive to environmental stimulation while the empathic Cancer Moon soaks in thoughts and emotions. Luna forms a self-sustaining Grand Water Trine with erudite Mercury and escapist Neptune. Unfortunately, isolation quickly becomes boring as friendly Venus creates an anxious connection to socially unpredictable Uranus.

You are happy to let your gentle demeanor take the reins. But you also know where to draw a line in the sand. Courteous behavior can go far to maintain the harmony of a group. If the rules of fair play are broken or an underdog is poorly treated, your basic instincts rise to fight for justice. While your self-expression rarely deviates far from what is mannerly, your commitment to fairness is strong enough to redirect vibes in an equitable direction. Your reputation as an iron fist in a velvet glove is well earned. Gandhi said, “There is no path to peace. Peace is the path.”


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