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🃏 Reading Of The Day 🃏

We are motivated to take care of business as the no-nonsense Taurus Moon combines forces with superhero Mars. A magical connection between benevolent Jupiter and Mars enables us to convert our optimism into physical work. But a stressful Mercury-Venus aspect can distract us from our commitments by stirring up disagreements. Ultimately, the cosmos is instructing us to pace ourselves because it’s better to finish one project now than to start many.

Making difficult decisions about who and what you currently want in your life isn’t your idea of fun. These tough choices trigger memories of past hurt or disillusionment, making it even more painful if someone near and dear to you has recently let you down. Don’t spend too much time weighing the pros and cons of the situation if your heart has already spoken. Go with your gut and be confident in your actions. The quicker you let go of what’s no longer productive, the sooner the healing process can begin. The only one in charge of your destiny is you.


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