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👋🏻 Reading Of The Day 👌🏻

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

Rock-solid thinking gives us the ability to develop an idea as far as it will go. Although the impetuous Aries Moon pushes us along quickly, we run into resistance as she squares nay-saying Saturn. Thankfully, cerebral Mercury is supported by unrelenting Pluto, as if unseen helpers are guiding us through tricky intellectual territory. This cosmic assistance may seem to arrive just in the nick of time as long as we remain committed to a cause.

Bumping into someone from your past or hearing word of happenings in the life of a former flame can provoke lots of feelings, some familiar, some unexpected. Perhaps you marvel at the stubborn, staying power of some emotions. Or maybe you notice that your inner reaction is now mainly cerebral when it used to be fiery and passionate. Either way, good or bad, what belongs to yesterday cannot be changed. But your judgements of it can tell you a lot about where your heart is at in the here and now. Clarity arrives in unexpected packages.


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