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♥️ Reading Of The Day 💋

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

Managing the emotional intensity requires extra energy and extraordinary concentration. The passionate Scorpio Moon conspires with seductive Venus and mischievous Mercury, tempting us to stir up a tempest, even if only in a teapot. Fortunately, inflexible personal positions give way to higher-minded principles once the Moon flies into inspirational Sagittarius. We think positive change is possible if we put our minds to the cause.

You’re less likely to think about price and more about quality today. You may wish to spend your money in ways that beautify and enhance your life. Buy a colorful bouquet of flowers to put on your desk to remind you of nature’s magic. Or, consider purchasing an outfit that increases your sense of self-esteem. For the moment, set aside budgetary limits and let your mind explore the possibilities. Obviously, your self-worth extends beyond your bank account. Shifting your perspective changes your world and enables you to create beauty inside and out.


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