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😎 Reading Of The Day 😇

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

Although making decisions can be tough when the Moon is visiting fair-minded Libra, we’re in no mood to compromise now. We are all foot soldiers today, peaceful warriors ready to fight for justice when Luna joins up with Mars in strategic Libra and crosses swords with authoritative Saturn. Luckily, we receive cosmic reinforcement from the willful Sun’s creative connection with Saturn. Working hard and acting with integrity pave the road to success.

You’re willing to assert your boundaries and speak up if someone transgresses them today. You may even welcome opportunities to protect and defend what’s yours. But you might move so fast that you only see the world through a defensive lens rather than taking full stock of someone’s motivations. Perhaps you rely more on anger than on tact and patience to get you through a situation while the Libra Moon joins confrontational Mars in your 1st House of Identity. Before you cut someone off, be sure to do a double take to make certain your judgement is as wise as it is swift.


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